Self Perspective

Chronicles of an American professor in Finland

  • I was about to procrastinate on working on this blog, but then I realized that I was really just crastinating.  After all, I am not a professional.  I don’t get paid to crastinate.  Therefore, I am not a procrastinator.  Just sayin’.
  • I love Finnish baseball!  It is a combination of American baseball and well…Uhh…nothing that I can think of.  Let’s try again…it is similar to American baseball…9 players on each team, playing 9 innings, on a field with 3 bases and home, with the team with the most runs winning.  Exactly the same, right?  Wrong.  Because everything else is different, even the gloves.  Instead of running to first base, you run to third base, then go to first, then, I don’t know, go somewhere in left field, and then home.  Finnish baseball fieldAnd, instead of the pitcher throwing the ball to the batter from 60 feet away, the pitcher stands NEXT to the batter, throws the ball straight up, above the batter’s head in such a way that the ball would land on home plate (if the batter didn’t hit it), and the batter hits it.  Sounds weird, but makes for a very fast game. I love American baseball, but I doubt if many would describe it as a fast game.  For a much better description, go to this link and start around the 2 minute mark.  The finals are going on now and I hope to see one.
  • What is the deal with everyone going to Tallinn, Estonia to buy everything?  I mean I get that Tallinn is much cheaper than Helsinki.  Totally get that.  Haircuts, food, liquor, clothes, everything is much cheaper.  Much cheaper.  Much.  But, what I do not get is why Finland doesn’t try to keep its money in Finland.  Isn’t there something, someone could do to lower the prices to be competitive?  Seems like an opportunity for someone.
  • My Haaga-Helia University hosts have been great in so many ways.  One way was to provide me with a brand new Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone.  I really like it.  I don’t understand why Windows phones get such a bad rap in the US.  Verizon stores sell them, but don’t display them, so they are obviously not serious about selling them.  My Nokia is easy to use, very fast, has plenty of apps, great camera, works great, looks great, syncs great with my laptop.  I don’t understand.   

One thought on “Random thoughts department

  1. Jennifer Taylor says:

    Baseball sounds really strange- I will check that out when I get by a computer. How long have you been wanting to fit in the procrastinator bit? Lol!

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